Locating service endpoints

Some of the integrations available in groundcover require finding our services' endpoints. In this section, we list these services and provide instructions on how to find the required configuration.

The endpoints depend on the namespace and release name that were used when installing groundcover. By default, both of these values are groundcover - make sure to adjust them if needed. Need help? Contact us on slack!


Alligator is our DaemonSet which is responsible for most of the data collection inside a k8s cluster. In addition, it exposes several ingestion endpoints:

  • DataDog Traces

  • OpenTelemetry Traces & Logs

  • Zipkin Traces

Ingesting the above using Alligator is the preferred method, if possible, as it allows groundcover to enrich the ingested data with relevant Kubernetes metadata.

Finding the endpoint


// For default installation values:

Custom Metrics

Custom Metrics is a VMAgent deployment which is responsible for scraping custom metrics and also serves as an endpoint for pushing metrics, for example in the OTLP format.

Finding the endpoint


// For default installation values:

OpenTelemetry Collector

groundcover includes an open telemetry collector out-of-the-box, enabling integration with every receiver, processor and exporter supported by the Open Telemetry stack.

Finding the endpoint


// For default installation values:

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