3 things to see; 3 things to do

Once installed, we recommend following these steps to help you quickly gain the most our of groundcover's unique observability platform.

1. Get a 360° view of one of your workloads

Start your groundcover journey by seeing how easy it is to access meaningful insights using a service-centric view. Click on any workload's name to open its information panel, showing performance, health, and resource utilization metrics.

Leverage data about cross availability zones communication and network throughput to ensure you maintain your SLOs and identify costly misconfigurations.

2. Deep dive into traces

A highly impactful advantage of leveraging eBPF in our proprietary sensor is that it enables visibility on the full payloads of both request and response - including headers! This allows you to very quickly understand issues and provides context.

In addition, you can very simply slice and dice your traces based on tags, raw headers, body details, container specifics, and environment variables. Simply left-click on any of the parameters to add or remove them from your filters.

3. Check out our pre-made dashboards

groundcover comes with 5 powerful dashboards out-of-the-box, which allow you to monitor and visualize your Kubernetes resources, network usage, workloads' Golden Signals, kube-state-metrics (KSM) and Distributed Tracing. You can leverage these powerful insights with zero effort on your end and this also allows you to be familiarized with the Dashboards sections.

4. Invite your coworkers

Invites lets you share your workspaces with your colleagues in just a couple of clicks. They do not need to have an existing groundcover account prior to you sending them invites, but invites can only be sent to email addresses that share the same domain as the one you signed up with. You will be notified as soon as the invite was accepted and the users you invited will be logged into your workspace.

Follow these 3 steps to start sending invites:

  1. Click the "Invite" button on the upper right of the screen.

  2. Type the invitees' email address.

  3. Click "Send invites".

5. Integrate your favorite tools

The groundcover platform was built to be an all-in-one observability solution for cloud-native environments. It was built to ingest any data source directly into groundcover's in-cloud backend using any protocol supported by OpenTelemetry or Prometheus. Learn how.

6. Scrape your custom and 3rd-party metrics

Deploying vmagent, VictoriaMetrics' metrics scraper, is super easy and enables the platform to automatically scrape prometheus targets. Together with the platform's ability to import and display any Grafana dashboard, it only takes a few quick steps to visualize metrics from thousands of sources. Learn how to enable custom metrics scraping and see a list of some of these 3rd-party tools.

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