Tomcat is a widely used open-source Java Servlet Container developed by the Apache Software Foundation. It functions as a web server and servlet container that executes Java servlets and renders web pages that include Java Server Page coding. Renowned for its flexibility, lightweight design, and ease of use, Tomcat is an ideal choice for developers looking to build and deploy dynamic web applications.

Tomcat's architecture is designed to provide a robust platform for running web applications, supporting various Java EE specifications such as Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages (JSP), Java Expression Language, and WebSocket. It is highly regarded for its performance, scalability, and reliability, making it a favored option for deploying production-grade environments, especially in projects requiring a pure Java environment. Tomcat's ability to seamlessly integrate with popular Java development environments and its straightforward setup process contribute to its widespread adoption in the developer community.

Integrating Tomcat with groundcover

To start accessing granular insights, just follow these 2 super easy steps:

Step 1: Enable Custom Metrics

Follow our quick guide on how to enable scraping custom metrics on groundcover.

Step 2: Import dashboard using Grafana ID

In the groundcover platform, go to Dashboards -> New -> Import.

In the box titled "Import via", enter the following dashboard ID: 8704, then click "Load".

For more information about this dashboard, check out the dashboard's information page on Grafana's website.

That's it!

You can now see the imported dashboard in your list of Dashboards and start using it immediately.

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