Data sources

The groundcover platform was built to be an all-in-one observability solution for cloud-native environments. It was built to ingest any data source directly into groundcover's in-cloud backend using any protocol supported by OpenTelemetry or Prometheus.

It supports any log stream from sources like Fluentd, Fluentbit, Logstash, or CloudWatch logs. Metrics can be ingested via Prometheus remote-write or directly from agents like StatsD and Telegraf. Traces can be ingested from any application instrumented with OpenTelemetry or Datadog’s SDK.

All your traces are sourced out-of-the-box

All your logs are sourced out-of-the-box

All your metrics are built out-of-the-box

Ingest your data from fluentd

Import your logs from logstash

Import all your metrics from StatsD

Ingest your metrics directly from telegraf

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