groundcover is able to ingest metrics generated by DataDog clients using the DogStatsD protocol. Once ingested the metrics will appear as custom metrics in the Dashboards section.

groundcover currently only supports ingestion via a running DataDog agent. Support for ingestion directly from instrumented services is coming soon! 🎉

Finding the groundcover Custom Metrics Service Endpoint

Use the instructions here to locate the endpoint for the Custom Metrics service, referenced below as {GROUNDCOVER_CUSTOM_METRICS_ENDPOINT}.

Sending metrics from a running DataDog agent

DataDog agents can be configured to send data to groundcover's VictoriaMetrics instance. This can be set up in two methods:

  1. Fully Redirect metrics to groundcover - metrics will not be sent to DataDog

  2. Send metrics both to groundcover & DataDog - Dual Shipping

The following is based on VictoriaMetrics' docs here.

Add the following configuration value to your DataDog deployment:


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