What is Managed inCloud?

At this time, groundcover Managed inCloud is only available on a paid plan.

groundcover Managed inCloud is a managed enterprise solution designed for installing groundcover’s observability backend infrastructure within your own cloud environment to enable the ultimate level of control, privacy, and customization.

Installed in a separate, isolated cloud provider account owned by your organization, it ensures the most secure and private environment for groundcover's infrastructure, separating it from other workloads and minimizing interference.

groundcover's control plane manages, configures, and maintains the necessary infrastructure and workloads within the cloud provider account. It leverages a variety of additional services by the cloud provider, including cloud storage, managed Kubernetes services, virtual private cloud networks, and load balancers, to create a robust and scalable environment.

Access to this account is securely managed through your cloud provider’s built-in access federation features, with specific roles and permissions set up to ensure that the groundcover control plane can manage resources effectively, while adhering to strict security principles. It also allows for secure telemetry data delivery, infrastructure monitoring, log management, and real-time data handling.

The entire setup, from infrastructure provisioning to ongoing maintenance, is managed by groundcover, providing an enterprise solution that minimizes the operational burdens of installing and maintaining your observability solution. In addition, security patching, health monitoring, and scaling are all automated.

In essence, groundcover Managed inCloud is a great option for organizations looking to access the highest standard of observability, while maintaining complete control and privacy.

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