Apr 2024

Search using numeric and boolean operators

Release Date: Apr 18, 2024

Affected Sections: Traces

Today, we’re bringing new capabilities to our search function as it now supports numeric and boolean operators! This expands the array of use cases you can investigate and further expands your ability to filter out everything that is not relevant.

Answer more questions about your data by searching based on min/max and true/false values.

Some examples of what you can now search for:

  1. Show traces with long durations: duration_seconds>1 (see example below)

  2. Show traces with large request body: request_size_bytes>10000

  3. Show non-encrypted traffic facing external APIs: is_external:true is_encrypted:false

View & search logs within workloads context

Release Date: Apr 16, 2024

Affected Sections: Workloads

You can now leverage our new Logs tab from any workload's information page to view and search all relevant logs directly within the context of a specific workload.

Stay within the context of the selected workload while navigating through the different workload data tabs (Infrastructure, Resources, APIs, etc.), now containing even more valuable insights on the selected workload to ensure a seamless investigation process:

  • Contextual log management: View logs that are specifically relevant to the workload and namespace you are investigating.

  • Cut through the noise: Leverage our filters and search function to effectively slice and dice the workload's logs, mirroring the experience found in the general Logs section.

More exciting updates are coming up soon to allow you to monitor and investigate your environment down to the workloads level, including out-of-the-box Monitors for workload logs.

These new capabilities are available are available with v1.7.66 or later. Learn how to update groundcover's agent to the most recent version.

Enhanced API Catalog

Release Date: Apr 8, 2024

Affected Sections: API Catalog

Our API Catalog section just got a significant update, focused on improving usability, performance, and security-related insights. Here's what's new:

Enhanced searchability and filtering

  • Added new filters: Navigate through your APIs more efficiently with our additional filtering options, including filtering by status codes, client / server names, and resources names / Kafka topics.

  • Search bar addition: Quickly locate specific APIs using the same search bar as you'll find in other sections of the platform, enabling an additional approach to pinpoint your API information.

Performance and issue fixes

  • Kafka and low utilized APIs: We've fixed known issues impacting Kafka and low utilized APIs, ensuring smoother performance and reliability.

  • Page performance improvements: Enjoy faster load times and a more responsive API Catalog page, thanks to our backend optimizations.

New API indications

We're introducing new API indications to provide you with essential insights about your APIs, enhancing your understanding and management of API security and architecture:

  • Encryption: Instantly know whether an API uses encryption, helping you prioritize security in your API ecosystem.

  • External: Identify if an API server is external, allowing for better management of public and private APIs.

  • Cross AZ traffic: Determine whether an API experiences cross-availability zone traffic, offering insights into your API's resilience and deployment architecture.

More filters and capabilities are coming up soon so stay tuned!

These new capabilities are available are available with v1.7.56 or later. Learn how to update groundcover's agent to the most recent version.

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