Mar 2024

Better visibility on Kubernetes Events

Release Date: Mar 11, 2024

Affected Sections: Kubernetes Events

Today we're enabling much more granular visibility on all your Kubernetes events!

With this update, you are now able to see all events listed individually on-screen, enabling you to gain a more granular view of what is happening in your clusters. Until now, related Kubernetes Events were grouped together, offering you a start and end time, and the number of occurrences since the first event. Now, you will see each of the events in the list, with the ability to filter them using a new search bar and an interactive events timeline - similarly to how you can slice and dice logs, metrics and traces.

You can see the full details of each event by selected an individual Kubernetes Event.

These new capabilities are available are available with v1.7.26 or later. Learn how to update groundcover's agent to the most recent version.

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