Build alerts & dashboards with Grafana Terraform provider

Step 1 - generate Grafana Service Account Token

groundcover version
  • Generate service account token

groundcover auth generate-service-account-token

Service Account Token are only accessible once, so make sure you keep them somewhere safe, running the command again will generate a new service account token

Only groundcover tenant admins can generate Service Account Tokens

Step 2 - Use Grafana Terraform provider

terraform {
  required_providers {
    grafana = {
      source = "grafana/grafana"

provider "grafana" {
  url  = ""
  auth = "{service account token}"

Step 3 - Dashboard provisioning example

  • Create a directory for the terraform assets

    mkdir groundcover-tf-example && cd groundcover-tf-example
  • Create a file within the directory that contains the terraform provider configuration mentioned in step 2

  • Create the following file, this example declares a new Golden Signals folder, and within it a Workload Golden Signals dashboard that will be created

resource "grafana_folder" "goldensignals" {
  title = "Golden Signals"

resource "grafana_dashboard" "workloadgoldensignals" {
  config_json = file("workloadgoldensignals.json")
  folder =
  • add the workloadgoldensignals.json file to the directory as well

  • Run terraform init to initialize terraform context

  • Run terraform plan , you should see a long output describing the assets that are going to be created last line should state Plan: 2 to add, 0 to change, 0 to destroy.

  • Run terraform apply to execute the changes, you should now see a new folder in your grafana dashboards screen with the newly created dashboard

  • Run terraform destroy to revert the changes

Here is a short video to demonstrate the process

You can read more about what you can achieve with the Grafana Terraform provider in the official docs

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