Query your metrics

groundcover supports a wide variety of metrics - APM and infrastructure metrics are automatically generated using our eBPF magic, and custom metrics can be ingested natively.

This guide will explore how to get started querying your metrics in our embedded Grafana.

The VictoriaMetrics datasource

groundcover uses VictoriaMetrics as its database for storing metrics. When building metric based alerts or dashboards in our embedded Grafana, the Prometheus datasource needs to be selected in order to query the metrics.

Querying metrics

All types of metrics stored in groundcover are available using a standard Promethues datasource, exposed by Victoria Metrics. Querying metrics is possible using standard PromQL syntax.

The full lists of available out-of-the-box metrics can be found in our APM and infrastructure pages.

Learn more about Grafana panels and PromQL queries to improve your skills. For any help in creating your custom dashboard don't hesitate to join our Slack support channel.

For example, let's query the groundcover_container_cpu_usage_rate_millis metric, which is one of our core infrastructure metrics:

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