Etcd is a distributed key-value store that plays a critical role in the management and coordination of distributed systems, particularly in Kubernetes clusters. It is designed to reliably store and provide access to critical data that must be shared between multiple nodes in a cluster, ensuring consistent state and coordination of changes.

Etcd's strength lies in its high availability and strong consistency, making it an essential component for distributed systems that require robust data synchronization and fault tolerance. Its ability to handle leader elections and maintain a distributed consensus is key to managing a cluster's state effectively.

Integrating Etcd with groundcover

To start accessing granular insights, just follow these 2 super easy steps:

Step 1: Enable Custom Metrics

Follow our quick guide on how to enable scraping custom metrics on groundcover.

Step 2: Import dashboard using Grafana ID

In the groundcover platform, go to Dashboards -> New -> Import.

In the box titled "Import via", enter one of the following dashboard IDs, then click "Load".

IDNameDescriptionMore Info


Etcd by Prometheus

Etcd Dashboard for Prometheus metrics scraper



Etcd Dashboard from Prometheus for clusters running etcd as Kubernetes Pods


Etcd Cluster Overview

Etcd Cluster Overview showing details scraped from the etcd Prometheus metrics endpoint.


K8 Etcd

Etcd Dashboard for Prometheus metrics scraper



Etcd Dashboard for Prometheus k8s-cn

Note: The dashboards above are the 5 most downloaded Etcd dashboards on Grafana's website, and are listed by number of downloads. More dashboards are available on their website and the steps to add them is the same. Visit this page for the full list of Etcd dashboards.

That's it!

You can now see the imported dashboard in your list of Dashboards and start using it immediately.

You can repeat this action to load as many of these dashboards as you like.

If you import more than one of these dashboards, you may find it useful to create a Etcd Dashboards Folder in groundcover.

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