Harbor is an open-source cloud-native registry that securely stores, signs, and scans container images for vulnerabilities. It's designed to provide a secure and consistent way to manage container images across different environments, ensuring that only trusted images are deployed in your infrastructure. Harbor extends the capabilities of a basic container registry by adding key features such as image vulnerability scanning, identity and access management, and image signing and validation.

Its integration with security scanners ensures that images are automatically analyzed for known vulnerabilities, helping teams to maintain high standards of security and compliance. Harbor's role-based access control (RBAC) allows for fine-grained permission management, ensuring that only authorized users can access, push, or pull specific images. This is particularly important in environments where multiple teams or projects share the registry infrastructure. Harbor's support for image replication between instances also facilitates multi-datacenter and hybrid cloud deployments, making it a versatile choice for complex containerized application landscapes. Its comprehensive feature set and focus on security make Harbor an essential tool for organizations looking to implement a secure, scalable, and efficient container image management strategy.

Integrating Harbor with groundcover

To start accessing granular insights, just follow these 2 super easy steps:

Step 1: Enable Custom Metrics

Follow our quick guide on how to enable scraping custom metrics on groundcover.

Step 2: Import dashboard using Grafana ID

In the groundcover platform, go to Dashboards -> New -> Import.

In the box titled "Import via grafana.com", enter one of the following dashboard IDs, then click "Load".

That's it!

You can now see the imported dashboard in your list of Dashboards and start using it immediately.

You can repeat this action to load as many of these dashboards as you like.

If you import more than one of these dashboards, you may find it useful to create a Harbor Dashboards Folder in groundcover.

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