Vertica is an advanced, high-performance analytical database management software designed for use in data warehousing and large-scale data analytics. Known for its speed, scalability, and ability to handle massive volumes of data,

Vertica stands out in its ability to perform complex queries at lightning speed. It employs a columnar storage architecture, which significantly optimizes query performance and storage efficiency, making it particularly effective for read-intensive tasks like data analysis and business intelligence.

Vertica's architecture is designed to leverage the capabilities of modern hardware, providing high throughput and concurrency. This makes it an ideal solution for enterprises that require real-time analytics on large datasets.

Integrating Vertica with groundcover

To start accessing granular insights, just follow these 2 super easy steps:

Step 1: Enable Custom Metrics

Follow our quick guide on how to enable scraping custom metrics on groundcover.

Step 2: Import dashboard using Grafana ID

In the groundcover platform, go to Dashboards -> New -> Import.

In the box titled "Import via", enter one of the following dashboard IDs, then click "Load".

IDNameDescriptionMore Info


Vertica Performance Dashboard

Performance metrics for Vertica.


Vertica Overview (Prometheus)

View the overall state of your cluster. This dashboard is designed to be the landing page for Vertica Grafana dashboards.


Vertica Depot (Prometheus)

Monitors database depot usage.


Vertica Queries (Prometheus)

View details about queries that are currently running in the cluster.


Vertica Resource Management (Prometheus)

View details about user-defined and built-in resource pool usage.

That's it!

You can now see the imported dashboard in your list of Dashboards and start using it immediately.

You can repeat this action to load as many of these dashboards as you like.

If you import more than one of these dashboards, you may find it useful to create a Vertica Dashboards Folder in groundcover.

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