groundcover collects all logs inside your k8s cluster out of the box, without the need for any additional setup. However, we love being your single pane of glass, so we also fully support ingesting Fluent Bit data sources. Follow the steps below to get started!

At the moment groundcover only supports ingesting logs from Fluent Bit. Interested in ingesting something else? Let us know over Slack.

Finding the groundcover OpenTelemetry collector endpoint

Our ingestion works by directing Fluent Bit's OpenTelemetry Exporter at groundcover's OpenTelemetry collector. The collector is accessible via Kubernetes' Services DNS:

Below are 2 options for the service name: Default is for installations that use the default namespace (groundcover) and default release name (groundcover). Custom is for installations where the namespace or release name were changed, and will require the custom values.


This value is referenced below as {GROUNDCOVER-OTEL-COLLECTOR-ENDPOINT}.

Configuring an output stage

Add the following code to your Fluent Bit configuration to start sending logs to groundcover:

        Name opentelemetry
        Match *
        Logs_uri /v1/logs
        Port 4318
        Tls Off
        Tls.verify Off
        Log_response_payload Off

For default installations, groundcover's OpenTelemetry Collector communicates with TLS turned off, which is why TLS is disabled in the above configuration. For more complex environments with ingestion of sources from outside the cluster, contact us on Slack!

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