Feb 2024

The Network tab: Access a wealth of information about the network performance of each workload

Release Date: Feb 19, 2024

Affected Sections: Workload information page

We're excited to announce the rollout of our Network tab, designed to offer unparalleled insights into your application's network performance and interactions!

With this update, you can now access a comprehensive set of features and metrics that will enable you to resolve issues faster, by having all the data you need to identify root cause right in front of you.

Here is everything you will find when opening the Network tab of any workload:

Network performance visualizations:

  • Network Throughput: Visualize the TX and RX rates of each workload, grouped by cross-availability zones (Cross AZ) and external communications (External).

  • Cross Availability Zone (AZ) Partners: Deep dive into cross AZ traffic in service level granularity to investigate surging costs and misconfigurations

  • Connections: Monitor the rate of open/close TCP connections of the workload to understand its network behavior in real-time.

But this release is not only about the new and super insightful Network tab. We’ve also added a new trace attribute and additional Network metrics and labels:

Search and filter based on new Trace Attributes

  • cloud.availability_zone, cloud.region: Filter based on workload AZ and region

  • @net.peer.availability_zone, @net.peer.region: Filter based on partner workload AZ region

  • @is_cross_availability_zone: Filter based on cross-availability zone communications.

New Network Metrics

  • Traffic Rates Metrics: groundcover_network_rx_bytes_total & groundcover_network_tx_bytes_total, detailing incoming and outgoing traffic rates.

  • Connection Metrics: groundcover_network_connections_opened_total and groundcover_network_connections_closed_total, offering insights into the dynamics of connections, highlighting both opened and closed connections.

New Metric Labels

Each metric is enriched with a set of new labels that provide the identity of the workload and the details about both sides of the communication, including availability zone, region, and protocol details, encryption status, and more. This allows you to further enhance your ability to slice and dice the data for precise analysis.

These new capabilities are available are available with v1.7.6 or later. Learn how to update groundcover's agent to the most recent version.

v1.7.0: Out-of-the-box, native alerts with brand new Monitors

Release Date: Feb 15, 2024

Affected Sections: Workload information page

We’re super excited to announce the introduction of Monitors - groundcover’s native alerting mechanism that helps make sure you never miss important issues in your environment!

This release comes with pre-defined Monitors out-of-the-box, which have been carefully crafted by groundcover’s experts based on industry best practices, and our own experience and understanding of what would fit your needs best.

Monitors are currently grouped into 3 categories:

  • Infrastructure (for example, alert when a pod restarts)

  • Resources (for example, memory usage is high)

  • APIs (for example, PVC latency is high)

You can access Monitors from the information page of a workload, where you can see the name of each Monitor, when it was last fired, how long it has been firing for (i.e. how long has the issue been active), and the status of the Monitor (Normal, Pending, or Firing).

By clicking on a Monitor, you can access more information about it, including a description, the full Query details, and labels.

This update is the first of a multi-phased, which will complete over the course of the coming weeks, and include more capabilities that will be gradually added to Monitors. This includes:

  • Integration with third-party tools such as OpsGenie and Slack

  • A centralized view of all Monitors in one dedicated section of the platform

  • Ability to customize and add your own Monitors.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming weeks!

Introducing AMQP Support for Enhanced Messaging Insight

Release Date: Feb 1, 2024

Affected Sections: Integrations

We're excited to announce that groundcover now supports AMQP, broadening our capabilities in monitoring and observing messaging systems!

With this latest update, AMQP 0-9-1 (the most common AMQP variant) is now natively supported by our proprietary eBPF sensor, so you can seamlessly integrate groundcover with AMQP-based messaging systems, including AWSMQ and RabbitMQ. This powerful addition enables you to gain real-time insights into your message queues, exchanges, and bindings, offering a comprehensive view of your message-oriented middleware.

Experience an in-depth view of message flow, queue depth, and processing times. Access detailed metrics, such as message rates, unacknowledged messages, and consumer count, providing you with a granular understanding of your messaging infrastructure.

These new capabilities are available are available with v1.6.74 or later. Learn how to update groundcover's agent to the most recent version.

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