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Security Considerations

Data Privacy

groundcover’s architecture is built with privacy as one of its primary drivers. All data that groundcover collects is stored in-cluster, inside your environment. No data will ever need to leave your cluster Our default deployment is built so no data ever leaves your cluster. See the Architecture section for more details.
When someone from your company enters the groundcover UI a secure encrypted data tunnel will enable the movement of data to the UI such that the user will be able to access and visualize the data. No data that is passed to the UI is persisted on groundcover side. As a result of this architecture groundcover is the most privacy focused observability solution on the market.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

The support for integration with a Single Sign-On provider requires an active enterprise plan and steps to be taken by both groundcover and the customer.
To configure SSO integration on your end follow the relevant guide below:
Note: Additional SSO providers can be supported as needed.