Quay.io registry

The Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) Public Registry Pull Bandwidth Limit for clusters outside of AWS is set to 500 GB per day. This means that, collectively, all container image pulls from ECR Public by all clusters located outside the AWS network cannot exceed 500 GB of data transfer in a 30 days period.

It is crucial for users who operate Kubernetes clusters or other container orchestrators outside of AWS and use ECR Public as a container image source to be aware of this bandwidth limitation. If the cumulative data transfer of container image pulls from ECR Public exceeds the daily limit, further pulls may be denied until the bandwidth usage falls back within the allowed threshold.

To address potential bandwidth limitations with Amazon ECR Public when using clusters outside of the AWS network, one viable solution is to override the container registry to utilize an alternative registry, such as Quay.io. By redirecting the container image pulls to Quay.io, users can leverage the bandwidth allowance and performance capabilities of Quay.io to complement or replace ECR Public for image retrieval.

Override Registry to quay.io

# if you have helm overrides file, you can pass it using `-f <overrides>.yaml`
groundcover deploy --registry quay

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