Customize usage

groundcover allows you to control the way data is being collected and treated across your cluster in many ways.

Filtering Kubernetes entities

By default, groundcover traces all namespaces and workloads in your cluster, but sometimes you want to block ones that are irrelevant to your needs.

pageFiltering Kubernetes entities

Customize retention

Strike the right balance between covering sufficient data for analysis and data storage.

pageCustom retention

Sensitive data obfuscation

Raw traces can go a long way in a troubleshooting process, but you can choose to obfuscate their payload.

pageSensitive data obfuscation

Customize Storage

Customize groundcover storage volumes for logs, metrics and traces.

pageCustom storage

Customize logs collection

There are different methods that can allow you to filter the collection of logs based on your needs and/or only when issues related to these logs are identified.

pageCustom logs collection

Disable tracing for specific protocols

In certain situations it could be useful to disable the tracing of specific protocols. This modularity is natively supported by our sensor.

pageDisable tracing for specific protocols

Tuning resources

In environments where the volume of transactions or operations per second is very high, resource tuning is essential to ensure that the cluster performs optimally.

pageTuning resources

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