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Monitoring Istio Service Mesh with groundcover
Istio is a service mesh solution for Kubernetes, for managing and proxying network traffic between services. For monitoring, it provides metrics, logs and traces of the traffic it handles.
groundcover's Traces support Istio-managed traffic and by default translate the proxy redirections done by the service mesh to display communication across different services. This page explains how more to integrate Istio's observability capabilities into groundcover.
You can read more about configuring Istio's observability features in Istio's documentation.


To integrate Istio Distributed Tracing into groundcover, you'll simply need to configure Istio's Datadog Tracer address to groundocver's collector.
Custom Release Name
Set Istio's value
  • --set
Set Istio's value
  • --set<release_name>-alligator.<namespace>.svc.cluster.local:8126
Restart Istio with the configured value.
  1. 1.
    You might want to set a sampling rate using the value tracer.sampling, as described in
  2. 2.
    Traces from Istio are associated to a specific Pod rather than a specific container. For this reason, traces integrated from Istio will not have Container Info stats available.
  3. 3.
    Currently, traces integrated using this method will have "Datadog" as their source.


Each of Istio's mesh components export Prometheus metrics, which can be scraped by groundcover using the Custom Metrics feature.
For explanation on Istio's metrics, head over to their docs -