The groundcover platform was built to be an all-in-one observability solution for cloud-native environments. It was built to ingest any data source directly into groundcover's in-cloud backend using any protocol supported by OpenTelemetry or Prometheus.

It supports any log stream from sources like Fluentd, Fluentbit, Logstash, or CloudWatch logs. Metrics can be ingested via Prometheus remote-write or directly from agents like StatsD and Telegraf. Traces can be ingested from any application instrumented with OpenTelemetry or Datadog’s SDK.

All your traces are sourced out-of-the-box

All your logs are sourced out-of-the-box

All your metrics are built out-of-the-box

Integrate with OpenTelemetry

Scrape your Prometheus custom metrics

Ingest your data from Amazon CloudWatch

Automatically ingest Datadog traces & metrics

Integrate Istio distributed tracing and custom metrics

Import all your logs from fluentbit

Ingest your data from fluentd

Import your logs from logstash

Import all your metrics from StatsD

Ingest your metrics directly from telegraf

Set up alerts to be pushed to Slack

Get your alerts directly to your inbox

Get your alerts on PagerDuty

Centralize your groundcover alerts on Opsgenie

Easily share alerts with your team via Microsoft Teams

Easily share alerts with your team via Webex Teams

Publish your data to external Grafana sources

Publish alerts via kafka

Supported protocols (out-of-the-box)


Fully supported


Excluding encrypted gRPC in Java services


Fully supported







Amazon SQS (coming soon)

Amazon S3 (coming soon)

groundcover's embedded Grafana dashboards capability can offer you visibility on these hundreds of sources by simply enabling the scraping of custom metrics and importing the relevant Grafana visualizations into groundcover, from a pool of over 7,000 ready-made dashboards.

Below are some of the most popular examples, but the process is exactly the same for any tool:

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