Source control (Gitlab/Github)

Enrich traces with relevant source control metadata.
groundcover can integrate with your git repository, giving you more context when analyzing your workloads.
By enabling git integration, workload traces will be enriched with the workload's commit hash, and with a link to the commit in your git repository.
Currently, groundcover supports Github and Gitlab.

How to use

Add the following annotations to the pod template spec:
## example
if your commit hash already exist as either a label or an annotation - you can just write the existing key, no need to add it again.
However, due to Kubernetes restrictions on labels patterns, the FULL_REPO_URL_NAME must be added as an annotation

Using CLI

groundcover deploy \
--git-commit-hash-key-name <COMMIT_HASH_KEY_NAME> \
--git-repository-url-key-name <FULL_REPO_URL_NAME>

Using Helm

# add -i flag if deploying groundcover for the first time
helm upgrade \
groundcover \
groundcover/groundcover \
-n groundcover \
--reuse-values \
--set repositoryUrlKeyName=<FULL_REPO_URL_ANNOTATION_KEY_NAME>