Custom Dashboards

​groundcover uses Grafana for its Dashboards and Alerts system , which is embedded directly inside the groundcover UI.
Dashboards and Alerts inside the groundcover UI
A dashboard is a great tool for visually tracking, analyzing, and displaying key performance metrics, which enable you to monitor the health of your infrastructure and applications.

Creating a new dashboard

1️⃣ Go to the Dashboards tab in the groundcover app, and click New and then New Dashboard.
2️⃣ Create your first panel by clicking Add a new panel.
3️⃣ In the New panel view, go to the Query tab.
4️⃣ Choose your data source by pressing the -- Grafana -- on the data source selector. You would see your the metrics collected from each of your clusters an a Prometheus data source called Prometheus@<cluster-name>
5️⃣ Create your first Query in the PromQL query interface.
Learn more about Grafana panels and PromQL queries to improve your skills. For any help in creating your custom dashboard don't hesitate to join our Slack support channel.
  • Learn more about the supported metrics you can use to build dashboards in Supported metrics
  • groundcover has a set of example dashboards in the Dashboards by groundcover folder which can get you started. These dashboard are read-only but you can see the PromQL query behind each panel by right-clicking the panel and then Explore