groundcover is built the way we believe a modern APM should be built:
Fully distributed so it can scale efficiently.
Out-of-band so it will create minimal overhead.
Private and secured.
Compatible with common Open Source solutions.


groundcover is built from these main components:
  • agent groundcover's data collection and aggregation agent. The agent is deployed as a DaemonSet called alligator, running a single pod in each node in the cluster.
  • backend groundcover's in-cluster data backend and its connector to the groundcover cloud. The groundcover backend contains a time-series database for collected metrics (VictoriaMetrics ), a PostgreSQL database for traces and events (TimescaleDB) and logs database (Grafana Loki).
  • cloud groundcover's control plane, taking care of routing the data from the groundcover backend to the user's browser. The groundcover cloud also handles and manages metadata around users, organizations etc.
groundcover's high-level architecture
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