What is groundcover?

Monitor K8s applications effortlessly, at scale, with groundcover!
​groundcover is a K8s application monitoring solution that reinvents the domain with eBPF. Built for modern production environments, it covers everything yet stores only what matters, allowing teams to scale away without worries. groundcover requires zero code changes and taps into all application logs, metrics, traces and Kubernetes events with one magical command and zero instrumentation.
Installation takes under a minute and covers 100% of your stack with mind-blowing granularity. Every application, legacy code, side car or 3rd party component. If you have it, we cover it.

Our mission

To leverage impeccable engineering together with the most revolutionary technologies in order to make observability effortless and scalable for developers, so they can focus on what really matters - building world-changing products.

What we do

groundcover helps teams monitor their K8s applications effortlessly, at scale, by pinpointing bleeding issues and providing insights to solve them much faster.

How we do it

By harnessing a new technology (called eBPF) to collect observability data straight from the Linux kernel, requiring no R&D efforts in the process.
Want to know more about eBPF and how it will change the observability domain? Start here.​

Why groundcover?

no code changes.
no more blind spots.
K8s native.
no trade-offs.
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